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We create unforgettable moments of happinness from our three main roles, as allround family entertainer, producer of dreams and (play)pal.

Allround Family Entertainer
Van Hoorne Entertainment offers a wide range of products and services for the entire family: from theater shows, television programs and events to park entertainment, merchandising, licensing and an own theme park. Due to the success of this versatile approach we can effectively respond to any (international) demand from the B2C ánd B2B market.

For instance, annually developing and producing various tourable productions around major international brands like Fireman Sam, Thomas the Tank Engine and Peppa Pig, is part of our standard offer. Furthermore, our own created mini shows around famous children's brands, such as PAW Patrol, frequently find their way to the stage at (international) theme parks, zoos, events and more. With this wide variety of live shows and mini shows at our disposal we can always directly service the needs of our foreign partners.

Producer of Dreams
Keep on surprising, exceeding expectations and making dreams come true... at Van Hoorne Entertainment the (little) guests always come first. Personal attention is our key to success. This is reflected in all aspects of the company, down to the smallest detail. Again and again, with each product we create. Continuously focusing on our target group, both local and international, we not only ensure a strong band with the guests, but also create that one memorable moment that is worth telling.

Children's and Business Friend
In addition to being a great friend for children, Van Hoorne Entertainment is a strong business friend; a real partner in crime. We attach great value to solid partnerships. We invest in long-term partnerships, in a very professional and personal way. Again, personal attention is the most crucial element! We listen to your wishes, share our knowledge and provide our service, also on location. The fundamental idea of a collaboration is always a win-win situation. After all, together we achieve so much more than alone.

For years we have been working closely with top suppliers in the field of scene decoration, costumes, music, scripts, direction and more. Due to a very transparent, passionate working method with all our in-house and external creatives, we not only bring out the best in each other, but also in our final result.

Furthermore, our boundless ambition has led to strong partnerships with various international promoters and producers. Partnerships that have been established by our personal, flexible approach to offer our products in a suitable way per country and by always searching for the best way to work together.

Would you like to know what Van Hoorne Entertainment can do for your organization? Please feel free to contact us:

Esther van Santen - Esther@VanHoorne.com
Koen Iking - Koen@VanHoorne.com

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